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Jack Mariano is working to:

1. Reduce Property Taxes

Jack Mariano has worked year after year to lower your property tax bills. Fighting to keep government small, while eliminating wasteful government spending allows you to keep more of your hard-earned money.

2. Fix Storm Water Issues Using Existing Funds

Even before the great flooding of 2015, Jack Mariano was hard at work as Pasco’s only commissioner trained to be a DEP certified stormwater inspector, finding solutions to community and neighborhood flooding. When the floods hit, Mariano hit back harder and hasn’t stopped working to prevent future damage.

3. Change Pasco’s Business Climate through Innovation

Changing the way Pasco County does business will lead to more economic development and larger profit for local businesses. Thinking outside the box, Jack Mariano wants West Pasco to become a tourism destination, creating new jobs in distressed areas. Pasco can be an economic engine; Jack Mariano is working to make that happen and bring high-paying jobs closer to home.

4. Reduce Crime by Supporting the Mission of Sheriff Nocco

Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco has endorsed Jack Mariano because of Jack’s support of our Sheriff’s deputies and their mission to keep our communities safe. Our quality of life depends on keeping crime off our streets and criminals out of our neighborhoods.

5. Enhance Our Quality of Life

Whether it’s been defeating fees to use parks, widening roadways, or fighting to keep Pasco’s small town feel as our county grows, Jack Mariano has always fought to enhance our quality of life. If you were born in Pasco or just moved here, you can count on Jack to fight for you, your values, and your neighborhood.

Supported by Those We Trust

in_front_of_flag“Mariano has demonstrated that he has a desire to support public safety and has worked with us on financial and quality of life’s issues to improve our county.” – Sheriff Chris Nocco

Proudly Endorsed by

Senator Wilton Simpson

Senator John Legg

Rep. Danny Burgess

About Jack

jack-familyJack Mariano was first elected to the County Commission in 2004. He is involved in civic groups such as Rotary, Richey Suncoast Theater and was the past chairman of TBRPC.

As Commissioner, he has been involved in the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council. He is a past chairman of the board of County commissioners, tourist development Council and Metropolitan Planning Organization.

Jack has been representing the county on the Gulf Coast Consortium which is bringing millions of dollars to Pasco. He has also served as chairman of the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council. He has been designated as an Advanced Certified County Commissioner by the Florida Association of Counties (the first Pasco County Commissioner to receive the certification).

Jack is a certified County Commissioner by the Florida Association of Counties and sits on the Department of Environmental Protection Qualified Stormwater Management; he is a member of the Energy Independence Work Group.

Jack Mariano grew up in Concord, Massachusetts and received a bachelor’s degree in economics from Farmingham State University. Along with being a County Commissioner, he works as an insurance agent for Barrett Harding Insurance in Port Richey. He lives in Hudson with his wife, Michelle. They have two daughters.


We’re here to help answer your questions. If you have any questions or concerns Jack would love to hear from you.

Jack takes great pride in serving our community and he looks forward to hearing from you.